Construction Cleanup

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The Construction Final Cleaning Service Advantage

Construction companies and general contractors, both large and small, often need construction cleaning subcontractors for detail-oriented, specialized, final cleanup services for their high-value projects. The general contractor’s client will likely require the building to be in immaculate condition before the job is over, which includes it being cleaned to perfection. Janitorial Cleaning Bakersfield understands the high level of detail expected in these situations, and each bid is tailored to leave our clients, as well as our clients’ clients, completely satisfied. We work hand in hand with the superintendent, project manager, or another representative in order to develop a precise scope of work, and to ensure an accurate bid is provided. This often saves the client on costs, because we tailor the bid to the exact scope of the construction cleaning, rather than only using rough estimators (such as total square footage, days of work, etc.). We also understand that construction companies and general contractors have certain budgets for final construction cleaning services, and will work with current and potential clients to make our bid as affordable as possible. We currently offer construction cleaning services in all areas of California, in addition to Bakersfield.


Window and frame cleaning (inside and out) includes:
  • Carefully removing stickers and tags from windows
  • Carefully removing residues (paint, gunk, etc.) from the window
  • Cleaning the window after all stickers, installation tags, and residues have been removed
  • Cleaning and dusting the window sills, ledges, and frames, removing any dust, gunk, paint, and other residues
Final cleaning includes:
  • Dust and clean all fixtures, including the inside and outsides of cabinets
  • Dust all walls up to and including 8 ft. Spot clean as needed
  • Dust and spot clean baseboards
  • Dust and clean doors and doorframes
  • Clean and sanitize all restrooms, break rooms, and other rooms that require deep sanitization
  • Dust exteriors of air vents and light fixtures up to 8 ft
  • Sweeping and mopping of hard surface floors. Machine-scrubber to be used as needed
  • Vacuuming all carpeted areas
Premium services include:
  • Machine-floor scrubbing for hard surface floors, including warehouses
  • Floor finishing / strip and wax
  • Tile and grout deep cleaning
  • Ceiling / lift height air duct / HVAC cleaning (exterior only)
  • Pressure washing for sidewalks, parking lot, building exterior
  • And more based on client’s request
Contact us for more information *All scopes of work are tailored to each specific job