Tile and Grouting

Tile & Grout cleaning Bakersfield is great for both ceramic & porcelain tile and ideal for kitchen, baths, countertops and other tiles areas of your home. Call us now!

There is nothing worse than seeing dark, dirty grout lines in between possibly even dirtier tile. Remember how nice your tile looked when it was first installed? Well, Janitorial Cleaning Bakersfield has the solution to make your tile look like new! We use a unique cleaning method that actually restores the appearance of our clients’ tile and grout, so that after it dries, it looks almost brand new. This method is completely safe and eco-friendly, and will leave you thanking us for restoring your tile, instead of having to replace it, which is much more expensive.

Why stop there though? After your tile is cleaned, you want to keep it that way for as long as possible, and we have the expertise necessary to seal your tile to prevent stains for up to two years (depending on traffic). The way the sealer works is it fills the pores in the grout and tile, so that any liquid spills don’t seep in as quickly, so there is plenty of time to clean spills up so they don’t stain you grout and tile.

If you would like to see the difference for tile and grout cleaning and/or sealing, please contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to being of service!